Entertainment Law

The Firm represents producers, production companies and distributors, as well as, writers, directors, actors and other creative professionals within the fields of film & television. We can assist you at each stage of the filmmaking process, from development to distribution.  

The Firm also represents authors, illustrators and publishing companies with all of their literary publishing needs.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the lifeblood of the creative professional. Our Firm can help ensure that your ideas and creative exploits are protected. We have broad experience in assisting clients with copyright and trademark registration, clearance issues, technology development and licensing deals (computer software, IT, apps, etc.), multi-media issues and intellectual property litigation.  

Business Planning

Business planning is an important first step on the entrepreneurial path.  From selecting the right entity to developing your brand, the Firm can chart your business a sound legal roadmap.   In addition, we can assist with cease and desist letters or demand letters (such as collection letters).