Entertainment & Intellectual Property Law


music business lawyer

From Muscle Shoals to Mobile, Alabama has a deep musical history. The Law Firm of Stacey A. Davis represents songwriters, lyricists, musicians, publishers and recording studios. Our firms’s music industry experience includes drafting and negotiating:

– Music Publishing Agreements
– Songwriting Agreements
– Recording Contracts
– Band Agreements
– Touring Agreements
– Synchronization (Synch) Licenses and Master Use Licenses
– Live Performance/Personal Appearance Agreements
– Composer/Score Agreements
– Merchandising Agreements
– Music Video Agreements
– Artwork Releases

​The Stacey A. Davis Law Firm also regularly advises clients on music licensing, music clearance, copyright, right of publicity and royalty issues. For more information, call Stacey at 205.777.9906.