Entertainment & Intellectual Property Law

Property Owner’s TOP FIVE TIPS for Negotiating Location Agreements

1.  Use of the Property
  • Identify what use producer can make of the property
  • Ensure all major alterations (e.g., knocking down a wall) be approved in writing
  • Require property be returned to original condition post-filming at producer’s expense
  • Ensure all expenses relating to use of property be paid by producer

2.  Access Rights

  • Identify dates of access (limit open ended production dates)
  • Specify time of access to limit disruption to business or household (e.g. 3:00 a.m. filming)

3.  Reps and Warranties

  • Disclaim reps/warranties regarding physical condition of property or suitability for filming

4.  Insurance

  • Ensure producer secures general liability and property insurance of sufficient value
  • Be named as an additional insured on the certificate of insurance
  • Require insurance company be qualified to do business in your state
  • Obtain copy of certificate of insurance before filming begins

5.  Indemnity

  • Don’t fall prey to indemnity language favoring producer’s use of the property
  • Require producer indemnify you for any damage or lawsuits arising out of use of the location and inclusion of the location in the film.

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