Entertainment & Intellectual Property Law


music business lawyer

From Muscle Shoals to Mobile, Alabama has a deep musical history. The Law Firm of Stacey A. Davis represents songwriters, lyricists, musicians, publishers and recording studios. Our firms’s music industry experience includes drafting and negotiating:

– Music Publishing Agreements
– Songwriting Agreements
– Recording Contracts
– Band Agreements
– Touring Agreements
– Synchronization (Synch) Licenses and Master Use Licenses
– Live Performance/Personal Appearance Agreements
– Composer/Score Agreements
– Merchandising Agreements
– Music Video Agreements
– Artwork Releases

​The Stacey A. Davis Law Firm also regularly advises clients on music licensing, music clearance, copyright, right of publicity and royalty issues. For more information, call Alabama’s music business lawyer today at 205.777.9906.